Sunday, June 14, 2009

Playing in the Rain...

So even though it has not felt like summer the past couple weeks, we have still had a lot of playing in the rain! Summer always brings lots of events and we aren't about to let a little rain stop us! I am so lucky to be able to stay home with Cupcake and be apart of all these fun events! Once again I have way too many pics and so as usual I will let them do the talking....Oh and P.S. the day finally arrived to be apart of the opening act for Kelly Clarkson, last Thursday, and that post is coming soon!

The Miss PG royalty and some of the pageant committee at GTU Miss PG was apart of a cooking segment to talk about Strawberry Days!
The Royalty and DirectorsWe love the pool and we braved it even though it has not been the best of weatherCute little Georgia wearing Cupcakes glasses Melyssa, Georgia, and BriHunter making us all laugh
I grew up in Springville so we make the Art City Days a tradition...Cupcake and Grandma Patti watching the American Flag pass at the Parade....soooo cute!
Me, Cupcake, and Taylor enjoying the paradeAunt Mal taking Cupcake on her fave ride the Carousel
Me, Mal, and Grandma Patti at the carnival...pre-rain Cupcakes cousin Kaia turned 3! The girlies at the birthday party Cupcake with her favorite boyfriend Justin at a BBQ with Daddy's FamilyCupcake thought it would be fun to play in the rain.....coming from the roof!!! I kinda feel like this sums up our last couple of weeks! haha


KellyB said...

Where you BEEN!? Thanks for that update on your life! I looove the pics! "Cupcake" just keeps getting more adorable. I miss you. You look amazing.

Kendall said...

We sure miss you and little cupcake. I do love playing in the rain. Next time it rains come over to BM and play with us.