Monday, October 12, 2009

We love the Fall as I have said a million times, but I just thought I would show you why.....

Picking out "Punkins" as Cupcake calls them
Taking her Punkin she picked for a ride...Jazz Games and supporting family...we came to watch Bri dance at half time...she is a Utah Flash Pinnacle Dancer. This is me and Malibu my sis waiting patiently for half time. Mallory doing what she does best...being a nerd! Mallory and Maddie giving Okur a high five!
Family time Painting Pumpkins with all the kiddo's and Mommy's Friends at Playgroup Getting serious about the Pumpkin Painting
Soooooo Creative
Family Fun Outings...Me and Mal out to lunch before a fun day of shopping

Grandma Patti and Cupcake at lunch
And last but not least cooking cook-off's
Ambie, Me, and Bri waiting the outcome of our Egg sandwich cook-off
The Judges....Daddy, Landon, and Bri
The Cooks...
Oh how we love the Fall
oh ya and I won!!! heehee