Thursday, April 22, 2010


We are so full of changes lately its kind of been a whirlwind!!! This past weekend we packed up the car to take a little trip to St. George for my good friend Tyler's wedding and oh ya after that we drove cross country to Columbus Georgia for Daddy's work! So we are having a fun little adventure for the summer as we are officially Southerners...We will actually be driving back at the end of June for Daddy's sister's wedding, and Cupcake and I will stay home and Daddy will fly back out for a month and a half and come home just in time for the arrival of our new little guy!!! We are having a blast so far and the trip in the car was surprisingly easy if you can believe it! Cupcake just watched movies, read her story reader, and played with her stuffed animals a.k.a. "her friends" Daddy and I just talked and listened to music the whole way. We stopped to eat, sleep, and refuel so the trip took us 2 and 1/2 days and we traveled through 6 states!!! Change is our middle name right now and we are just trying to soak it in and enjoy every minute of it!

Candice Hunting, Julianna Munson, and Me waiting outside the Temple for the newlyweds! Daddy, Ty, Whitney, Me, and Cupcake
Daddy, Cupcake, and Me at dinner in St. George Cupcake and Daddy walking home from the pool in St. George
Cupcake taking a snooze with two of her fave "friends" on our 2 and 1/2 day journey
Cupcake and Mommy soaking up the Georgia sunshine


Kelly said...

ok first, YOUR ADORABLE! I love your belly. and Second, AH! Congrats to Tyler. That is so great. They are wonderful. What a fun adventure for you guys.

Jake, Mel, and Mazee said...

Oh Tiff, how I wish we could all be there at the pool with you!! We had snow yesterday!! I'm going crazy! I'm glad you got there safe and sound. Miss you!

Terry said...

You left? I am so sad! I wish I had known! I will be calling to check up on you... I had a little present for Miss Cupcake... dang it.. I have been going to bring it over since the pageant. Maybe I can come see you for a minute when you come back in June. I didn't know you had decided to go for sure! Well I sure love you ! I will call ya!

Chelsie said...

Dear tiffie, oh how I miss you so. I've been driving in my car thinking who can I call and shoot the bull with? I know I can still call but I'm sure your busy gettin the homestead etc. Set up. So please please call me when your settled and tell me the latest I need someone to vent to as well! I love you oh so much. P.s. We need your address kota made a lil somethin somethin. Write or call soon
xox Chels