Thursday, April 7, 2011

Miss PG 2011

Here they are...our fabulous new Miss PG royalty! Every year I have the wonderful opportunity of helping Terry Marchbanks (the best director ever) direct the Miss PG pageant! I love working with the girls and oh is it work! Well not really to me...chatting about platforms, helping with walking and talents, choreographing the opening number, helping choose wardrobes, working with the cute little misses, and just getting to know these incredible girls, is more fun than work! The actual day of the pageant went a lot better than we expected, due to a change in time of our dress rehearsal. We are so proud of these girls and can't wait to spend all summer, at parades, Strawberry Days, GTU, and other fun events with them!!! I have to give a little shout out to my Hubby for being a Super Dad while I was gone to all the rehearsals and such...Love you babe you are so amazingly supportive!

Brooke, Eliza, Lea, Tayler, and Hallah

After the show with the new Miss PG our darling Lea and lovely past Miss PG Madi...we can't wait to cheer Madi on at Miss Utah in June! Me and Terry...backstage chatting with the girlies before the show!
Hubby and Cupcake after the pageant...waiting so patiently for me to finish up...Cupcake was enamored with the pageant as usual and my sweet Monkey slept the whole time.

Yea another year down...and lots more to come!