Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A Big First But Definitely Not The Last...

We had so much fun this past weekend at Cupcake's dance recital!!! She did so well and we were all so proud of her! I was so nervous because at both dress rehearsals she did not want to perform she had what we like to call a mini melt-down...I may or may not have bribed her to get her to not be scared the night of the performance. I kept saying "are you going to be happy or sad at the recital??? If you are happy you will get some pretty pink flowers after..." Needless to say the bribe did its job! So well actually that she almost peed her pants on stage!!! Haha it was the most comical thing I have ever witnessed with this child yet! She was trying so hard to do the moves but kept pulling a Michael Jackson and holding herself...at one point she was holding the front and back! We all could not help but laugh and wait patiently. I am sure all the Mom's thought she has the worst parents, that didn't take her to the restroom before hand. Oh but don't you worry anyone that knows Cupcake knows that its a 24/7 thing...it might possibly be a nervous habit and I did take her before! I also asked her if she needed to go afterwords and she said "no". Needless to say we were just thrilled and proud as could be that she stayed up there and kept everyone laughing and I mean everyone!!! I had lots of strangers and friends tell me that she stole the show...as they say in show business...The show must go on!!! This was such a fun first moment for our family but definitely not the last!

Our Fam

Cupcake with her bribe flowers and more!Daddy and Cupcake...Grandpa Joe and Grandma Patti...she is a bit obsessed with these two!Aunt Mall and Ryder

Aunt Jessie and Uncle Justin...her boyfriend according to Cupcake!

The Walkers

Kenz, Annie, Grandma Tam, and Grandpa MikeMonkey Man showing off his camera ready skills...every time we put the camera up he smiles!! On CUE! So adorable!

Seriously cute...right???

Cupcake striking a pose...Mommy delivering on her end of the bribe...pink flowers! They even had sparkles all over them and rhinestone centers!

Some of the cuties in her class!

Sorry not the greatest pic...Cupcake center stage during her solo part of the performance


reno and mel said...

Ah! She looks so cute and I am soo sad we weren't there!! We miss you guys and wish we could have been there to see the star of the show:)

Two Penny Blue said...

I love it tiffie, I will pray Izzi does the exact same thing..it makes such a better story than she did it perfectly. I love it and I can picture it--sweet sweet girl!