Thursday, November 19, 2009


So this is a way late post...but I had to Thank everyone for making my birthday a fabulous one, which was at the beginning of the month! My darling Hubby took me to dinner and gave me wonderful gifts such as gift certificates for a massage and pedicure oh and of course clothes! My Mom and Sis took me to lunch and gave me jewelry, jeans, and an adorable scarf! My Dad and Tam took us to dinner and gave me a Chi flat iron and tickets to a Jazz game (11th row). My cousins, Ambie and Bri made me dinner and gave me a book I have been wanting! Ashly and Kendal treated me to lunch, my other friends, Chels, Cass, Mel, Annika, and their Hubbies all treated Me and Hubby to dinner and games. My in-laws gave me tons of fun gifts as well (too many to name) I also received tons of Birthday letters and wishes!!! Thanks to all for making me feel so loved and making the whole week a special on...I heart Birthdays!!!
Cupcake, Me, and Daddy out to dinner on my bday!