Monday, November 23, 2009

Princesses...and more fun events!

We were so lucky to be able to go see the Princesses On Ice show while it was her at the beginning of the month! My Mom got us great tickets on the 6th row on opening night! She always spoils us...well mostly Cupcake...That's what Grandma's are for right?!? Anyway we had a blast with a night out for the girls!! Cupcake was absolutely enamored with the show and was singing all the songs and naming all of the characters! Thanks Grandma Patti we love that you SPOIL US!!!

Walking into the showAunt Mal, Cupcake and Grandma Patti Waiting and waiting for the show to startAll the girlies...Aunt Mal cupcake and GrandmaShe loved all the characters...
Like Snow White...hello we were soooo close (no zoom lens used at all) Cupcake loved these guys!!! She would scream..."Hi Minnie, Hi Mickey and Goofy!"
Also at the beginning of the month we were able to attend Daddy's cousin's wedding! It was a long day full of events but we had a blast with Dan and Maddie, and other family, and are so grateful that Bug (Daddy's little sis Jessie) could watch Cupcake for us!
At the Temple for Daddy's cousin's Wedding
Jeff (Dad-in-law), Dan, Maddie, Me, and HubbyDaddy and Cupcake at the reception getting ready to dance!
Cute place cards at the wedding dinner. I heart place cards!!!So does Maddie!!! I love her cheesy-nessMe and Hubby at the Wedding Dinner...I love getting all dressed up with my Hot Hubby!!!