Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Thanksgiving Festivities...

We had as always a crazy Thanksgiving Weekend! We were able to see all sides of our families though, not without difficulty! We had a few mishaps along the way but we did and still managed to have fun and eat more food than humanly possible! We love Thanksgiving and we love our Family and are so Thankful for the time we got to spend with everyone!! (this post is a little late)

Our Fam in Sundance
I was in charge of table decor at my Mom's side's dinner and this is one of centerpieces I loved this job and hope that it is assigned to me every year! I made little place cards for everyone to write what they were thankful for in 2009 and I am going to make a book out of it and bring it next year and hopefully start a fun new tradition!Me and my Sis Malibu
Grandma Lindsay, Maddie, and Cupcake at the kids table...I thought Cupcake looked and seemed so big!So grateful for my Wonderful and Handsome Hubby!!!
Cupcake riding the saddle at Sundance!!!

We hope that everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!


The Walker's said...

Hey Tiff, I came across your blog through Mel's, Presli is so darling and getting so big! Looks like you had a great holiday! Hope things are going well for you guys!

Payperbiz said...

simple but elegant table setup.I miss doing this, as my table is still in a shop that does furniture repair in Orange County.