Thursday, December 31, 2009

All Things Christmas...

We have had so much fun this December...We have done sooo many Christmas things but thanks to my wonderful computer (which is finally fixed now) I haven't been able to post much! I don't want to overload this post with pics so I will just pick a few random fun ones and call it good!
We had a fabulous Christmas and were spoiled as usual...Cupcake had the time of her life of course which is fun because she can actually understand most of it this year! She was given way too much but that's what it's all about being spoiled by loved ones! We received so many goodies as well but the best gift of all was that we were able to announce to our Families that BABY #2 is due in August!!! We are so thrilled and are scared at the same time. It' s going to be such a change to have two kids but like I said we are so excited and can't wait for Cupcake to be a big sister and to actually be able to say we have KIDS! haha...we are getting old! We hope everyone had a fabulous Christmas and has a Great New Years Eve!!!
Cupcake and Daddy on Christmas Morning
Cupcake opening her stocking...Her main "Santa" gifts!Daddy, Me, My Mom, Cupcake, Taylor, and Mal....Christmas Morning
Bug, Max, Cupcake, and Justin
Being Reindeer!The Girls on Daddy's side
Alycia, Christina, Lu, Me, Maddie, Meags, Jessie, CupcakeCupcake and Santa #1...she was a little hesitantOur Ward Christmas party...Santa #2 she did a little better!
By the time we saw Santa #3 at our Christmas Eve party we couldn't even get her off his lap so she really warmed up to Santa after a few visitsCupcake and Me at the Festival of LightsDaddy and Cupcake all bundled up ready to see The lights at Temple SquareOur Family at Temple SquareBaby #2 on the way!!!


brittney and leeon said...

Congrats Tiff on baby number 2! That is so exciting! It looks like you guts had a great Christmas!

Luke and Ali Stewart said...

Yahoo!!! Congrats!

Kendall said...

Yay!!!!!!!!! For baby #2! I am so excited for you and I am super excited to come home and start our weekly lunches again. Miss you lots!

The Walker's said...

Congrats Tiff, that is so exciting! Presli will be such a good big sister! Looks like you guys had a fun Christmas :)

Lindsay said...

Congrats Tiff!!!! That is exciting about being preggers! also, I just recieved your christmas card like 2 days ago :) I LOVE IT! It is so cute! Miss you