Monday, March 8, 2010

Blink of an Eye...

Cupcake being her usual crazy funny self!

So lately Cupcake has been saying the most darling and funny things! They literally learn soooo much so fast and it is amazing to me what they take in and then how they process it and spit it back out! I need to be better about keeping up and archiving what Cupcake is doing and saying on a day to day basis, because literally in a blink of an eye they change!!! So I thought I would list just a few things she has been saying and doing!

1- Anytime, she is wanting to do something and I tell her the dreaded "NO" or "lets not do that right now" or "choose something else"
Cupcake replies with, "It's ok Mama, 'jus' (aka just) do it!"

2- Another fun reply that she has come up with currently is "I not do that!"
So I will say its time to take a nap or its time to go and she will say " I not take a nap Mama" or "I not go Mama"

3- So I love the Country Band Lady Antebellum and Daddy loves Coldplay, so Cupcake hears a lot of their music especially in the car, which leads to her knowing almost all the words to the songs. So almost without fail, when we get in the car Cupcake is asking for specific songs and one of her favorites of course is the most overplayed by Lady A, Cupcake is always saying "sing run to you?" And of course we can't resist because as soon as it is on she sings it at the top of her little lungs! So adorable...I am still in the process of trying to get it on camera every time I start recording she says "cheese", makes a funny face, or just looks at me like take the picture cute!

4- So this next one goes along with the last one because it has to do with singing...lately Cupcake has been telling Daddy and Me while we are singing along to a song, "C'mon guys say it with us!" and if one of the other of us is not singing she will say "C'mon Daddy sing it!" for some reason everyone needs to be participating!

5- Another fun two year old adventure we are having is if we are going to visit any family or friends and we mention it to her she has to list of all the people that she knows goes along with that bunch...for instance when we we tell her we are going to see her cousin Max she will say "And Uncle Dan, and Aunt Maddie?" (which are Max's parents) She does this with almost everyone...its just so cute how she thinks everyone comes in a group!

6- Last but not least, Cupcake has always been into movies and shows so she repeats a lot of what is going on and almost always knows what is coming next in her favorites. But lately she has been acting out the movies, she has been watching Alice in Wonderland a lot and she will do whatever Alice does...or she will say "Who's that?" and wants the know the name of everyone and everything! I must admit it was cute at first but is getting really old! haha Gotta love the two year old stage!!! We love her so much and my list could go on for days...she really is changing so fast!


The Walker's said...

That is so cute Tiff! Even though 2 year old's can be frustrating at times, they are also so much fun and hilarious! It is so fun to hear them learn new words every day.

MVP Family said...

I am laughing reading this since yesterday when you were over Cupcake looked up at Little Man and said "do you trust me?" which is from Aladdin. So funny :)