Monday, March 15, 2010


My Darling cousin AshLee is finally about to have her 1st baby...and its about time I have been waiting for one of my cousins to jump on the kid band wagon!! We are so excited for her and her wonderful sister Amber and Mom Jacquie threw her an adorable and creative baby shower this past weekend. It was a black and white themed shower with some fun and creative games that I had never played at a baby shower was so much fun and so well thought out and turned out perfect. AshLee is not finding out what she is having until the baby arrives so we are all anxiously awaiting the big day! Congrats Ashie and we love you!

This is our side of the family that was at the party!
Patti, Me, Cupcake, Carina, AshLee, Jacquie, Amber, Grandma Lindsay,
Maddie, Mal, Bailey, Bri, Melyssa, and Georgia.Amber, Ashie, and Baby bump Me, (preggers if you couldn't tell haha), Mal, Cupcake, and Grandma PattiMal and Me watching Ash open presents...The Kiddos with Maddie bear!Also My cute sister in law had a birthday at the end of February...she is such a doll so I had to say Happy Happy birthday to Em!!


LaCimOuRiTsEn said...

Amber did such an awesome job! I'm so excited to find out what's in AshLee's belly and to meet it! Boy or Girl we are excited to love this new addition!