Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Home Sweet Home...

I think Cupcake's face in this pic explains how we were all feeling to be leaving Georgia to come back home to Utah!!! We headed back for Daddy's sister's wedding a few weeks ago, and Cupcake and Mommy get to stay while our hardworking Daddy got a little week break from the southern summer work and headed back, but to Alabama rather than Georgia! We are missing him more than we can explain...its been a hard almost two weeks that he has been gone :( but only 5 more weeks and he will be back for good and in perfect timing to welcome our soon to be newest member into our family! August 12th is the big day for Baby Boy Miller to enter this world! We are happy to be home, lonely without Daddy, busy with lots of family and summer events, and anxiously excited for the new little guy! We loved our experience in Georgia, but nothing is better than Home Sweet Home!

Cupcake eating her cheese and crackers on the drive home...
Daddy and Cupcake checking out Elvis Mania as we took a break in Memphis on the way back
Cupcake and Cousin Max so happy to see each other at Jessie's wedding
Daddy and Max...Such studs!
Maddie, Me, and Cupcake waiting at the Temple
The girlies
Em, Me, Cupcake, Maddie, Jessie, Alycia, Makayla, Meagan, and Christina
Daddy's Siblings
Daddy, Meagan, Dan, Jessie, Christina, Zach, and Alycia
The Terrific Trio of Sister-In-Laws
Emily, Me, and Maddie
Our little Fam...


reno and mel said...

Love those pics, I am a lillte jealous that you are home:) Are you excited to have Mike back? Marli has been missing Presli,and now thanks to her watches Care Bear movies every day!