Thursday, July 29, 2010

Soooo much going on!!!

First and foremost...we finally have Daddy back home for good!!! Yea! He loved Alabama but he actually got a job offer we couldn't refuse, in Spanish Fork, so he came home early for the summer! We were so excited and it makes life a lot easier and happier to have him home...we sure did miss him! So this is going to be a mega overload of pics since its been over a month since I last posted...We have had lots of festivities and with Baby Boy on the way in exactly two weeks there has been sooo much going on!!!

Cupcake and Daddy! She was so thrilled to have him home...for about three days she only wanted him to do everything with her! So sweet! So Cupcake has been a little obsessed with Toy Story lately and my Mom found her this Woody costume and she would not take it off for a few days...
How do make her take it off when she looks so darn cute! haha
My sis and I are both preggers (don't mind the goofy face) and actually are about two weeks apart which has been really fun!!! To top it off we are both having little boys...hopefully they will be the best of friends! Here is a little better pic...Bri had to hop in between the preggosSince Mal and I are pregnant together and I am on my 2nd we did a combined shower which turned out to be way fun!!! Thanks all who came we love you!
Chels, Me, Jessa, Olivia, Cass, Mel, and Mal
Some of the fam that was at the shower festivities...
Mal, Me, Ash, Maddie Bri, Bailey, and Amber
A little gift we gave the Grandma of 3 to be...a bracelet with all the kiddos initals
Each Pioneer weekend we get to go to Park City with my Dad's fam and have little weekend getaway...its a blast and this year was no different. Us on Main Street posing for a family pic!
The Boys and Cupcake strollin the streets of PC
Daddy, My Dad, Cupcake and Joe When in Park City you have to take a trip to the Sugar Buzz shop...Kaia and Cupcake are catching on to that tradition quite easily and even posed for us with their treats from the shop!
Kaia and Cupcake playing dolls while drinking their pink drinks that Grandpa made them...its so fun to watch these two play together!
Our Fam of three soon to be four taking the traditional ride on the Park City Trolley!


Kendall said...

I Love all the pictures and I can't wait until there are some with an adorable little boy as the star!! I really miss you and hope you're doing well. tell Mike congrats on the new job. I love happy news like that. Hopefully someday soon we'll be able to come back to see everyone.

reno and mel said...

Well I am happy for you that Mike is home, but I still wish you were all still out here with us:) Looks like everything is going good! Can't wait to see you and that new baby boy in 4 weeks!!