Saturday, July 9, 2011

Miss Utah Week!!

Wow what a fun week ending with our cute Miss UVU Danica Olsen winning Miss Utah! She has worked her butt off all year as all the girls do, and we are so thrilled for her! I first met Danica when I judged her in October at the Miss UVU pageant. Obviously she won and then a few months later I really got to know her when I joined the UVU crowd in Vegas to support Christina Lowe Miss Utah 2010 and a former Miss UVU compete for Miss America! Danica is darling and we all knew she had it in her to win! Wednesday night I spent the night up in SLC with Carly for the first night of Preliminary competition. Thursday we had a blast at Talent rehearsals and shopping away at The Gateway then back to competition on Thursday night. I missed Friday night due to our friends wedding (pics to come), and then Me, Cupcake, my Mom, and Sis headed back up Saturday night for the Final night!! We had a blast with just us girls! Gotta love the pageant scene!

Cupcake zonked at the end of the night... Danica by her new car in her new crown!!
Me and Carly celebrating...Vegas and Miss America here we come! AGAIN!

Yea Dano... Dan and excited!Miss America!!! Teresa Scanlan was at Miss Utah Friday and Saturday...

we could have stayed longer after the pageant was over to get a pic with her but Cupcake was extremely too tired!

The girlies waiting for the show to start!

Tiare (Utah's Outstanding Teen), Cupcake, and Me! Tiare and I go way back to Cinderella pageants...she was a tiny thing all of 3 years old!! She sure has grown up!

Mal, Mom, Me, and Cupcake

Grandma Patti and Cupcake...

Me and Mal at Dinner

Me and Mady (Miss PG 2010) at Thursday Night competition

Heather, Me, and CarlyLizzy and Me...we competed in 2005 together!

Me, Danica, and Carly at Wednesday night competitionCongrats Danica can't wait to see you on the Miss America Stage!!! We will be there!