Tuesday, July 5, 2011

New Venture...Vivid Vocals!!!

Introducing VIVID VOCALS...

So I am so thrilled about this new venture in our life!! For a long time I have talked about owning my own business and it is finally coming to fruition! I have taught private voice lessons and have taught dance and been a Dance Director for a studio and loved to do both! But with kids and how crazy life seems to get I have been on somewhat of a break for a few years (other than pageant craziness)...I have been wanting to get back into teaching and my hubby and I have been talking about it for almost a year and finally decided that there is no better time than the present!! Vivid Vocals is a perfect way to combine the two loves I have for singing and dance! These fun performing vocal companies are starting in August and I can't wait!!! If you or anyone you know have kids or teens that love to sing or perform sign them up or let them know!! Visit my blog www.vividvocals.blogspot for the info! This is so exciting for our family and I can hardly wait to start teaching again!