Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Birthday Dinner for Grandpa Jeff

Back Row: Emily, Zach, Jessie, Justin, Daddy, Me, Cupcake, Kaden, and Grandpa Jeff

Front Row: Makayla, Dan, Max, Maddie, Meags, Brett, Christina, and DarrenEvery year the Miller side of the Fam goes out to dinner to the same restaurant for Grandpa Jeff's Birthday! It's kinda like Tepenyaki but better its called Bonzai, and we always have a blast! We usually take up a whole table and stay for way longer than we should! They take a picture as part of your birthday treat and give it to you before you leave, so I think we now have about 6 or 7 of these on Grandpa's fridge. haha We love the tradition and hope to make it 36 or 37 pics on the fridge! Happy Birthday Grandpa Jeff!

Me, Daddy, and CupcakeJustin and JessieChristina and Darren playin with little MaxZach and EmilyMeagan and BrettMaddie and DanCupcake being flirty as usuall Kaden, Zach, Makayla, and Em Lovin on Cupcake as always

Kaden and Cupcake playing poker at Grandpa's after dinner