Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Oh what wonderful things Spring brings.....

Spring brings days like these in the Park with Aunts and Cousins......

Cupcake loves the swings and this neat swing we had never seen or swung in before and obviously she loved it!Mommy and Cupcake going down the slide. Cupcake's 2nd favorite thing to do at the parkCarina, Hunter, Maddie, and Cupcake Me and Amber posing for a pic after our fun little picnic

The whole clan, Carina, Connor, Maddie, Melyssa, Georgia, Amber, Cupcake, Hunter, and Me
Grandma Lindsay was taking the pic Grandma Lindsay helping Hunter and Cupcake spinSpring also brings the beginning of beautiful weddings....Which started with Dan and Maddie's Sealing

Cupcake, Mommy, and Daddy at lunch after Dan, Maddie, and Max's Sealing
Our side of the fam at the TempleThe Boys
Grandpa Jeff, Darren, Brett, Daddy, Dan, Max, Zach, Scott, and Kaden The girls
Meagan, Me, Cupcake, Christina, Makayla, Emily, Maddie, Jessie, and LuCupcake running around at the Temple...loving the weather and grassMaking a silly face at DaddyDaddy and Cupcake...my two loves!!!



Val said...

Hey guys! Your little girl is so stinkin cute! You all look wonderful and we hope all is well with you. We are trying to get a hold of your address so we can send you a grad announcement!:) Will you please email us your address when you have a second? Thanks bunches. Take care
-Aust and Val

Terry said...

I am missing you! dang.. it was over too fast! Love you!