Thursday, March 5, 2009

Temple Open House and Friends...

Last week we were able to go tour the newest Temple with my side of the family! It was a gorgeous day and we had lots of fun despite the long lines and four kids in tow! The Temple was absolutely beautiful and reminded us how grateful we are to live here in Utah, and to be surrounded by Temples! Monday was our good friend Jeff Jackson's birthday and we went to CPK for a fun celebration! It was so good to catch up with some really good friends! We went to Ty's place after and watched American Idol, we all had a good time laughing at American Idol and how of course my darling hubby fell asleep.....big surprise! I am so grateful for great friends, wonderful family, and beautiful Temples!

The Gang out at Dinner for Jeff's B-day
Dani, Daddy, Cupcake, Me, Ty, Jeff, Shellie, Antonio, Casey, his girlfriend, Candice, and JoshTy and Cupcake...She was loving him! The Miller Family at the Draper Temple The Whole Clan
Dani, Morgan, Grandma, Melyssa, Georgia, Maddie, Connor, Grandma Patti, Daddy, Cupcake, Me, Mal, Jason, Hunter, Carina, and Chris Me and My cute Hubby
Morgan, Georgia, Steph, and Dani
Maddie and Melyssa
Cupcake, Mal, Grandma Patti, and Me

Cupcake and Uncle Scott having fun while waiting in line


eRiKa said...

We are going to the open house on Monday! The day before my birthday! haha and we have the same backround!! haha