Tuesday, October 11, 2011


The morning of Conference we got up fairly early to beat the crowds up the Alpine Loop for our annual fall drive! It was early but well worth it! There was hardly anyone up there and it was a beautiful drive!!! The kiddo's loved having the windows down and the music up...Cupcake saying "look we are in the jungle!" haha we kept telling her it was the Forrest but she liked calling it the jungle better! We got a few pics but totally were engulfed in the drive and forgot to stop at our favorite spot for one! We love this tradition and will do it forever! Later during Conference Cupcake was coloring a packet I made her to keep her busy and got a little carried away with a specific theme...lets see if you can figure it out...

Pretty sure she had her pirate party, that was happening the week after Conference, on her mind!!! (Pics to come soon) We all sure had a good Confe...rrrrr...ence!!


The Razz Fam said...

haha!! Kids are the best! I'm glad I found your blog! I will add you to ours! :D