Thursday, October 6, 2011

"I was 3 and then I got big and turned 4!"

It was this little Miss Cupcake's birthday was this week and she is a whopping 4!!! I still can't quite believe that we have a four year old but man oh man we sure do love her! She is so bright, compassionate, funny, sensitive, caring, always wanting to learn, creative, artistic, musically inclined, and of course BEAUTIFUL!!!

She woke up to Me, Daddy, and Monkey singing her happy birthday...and then we headed down for her to get her new Hello Kitty bike! As you can see she loved it! All day she kept telling people that she got a Hello Kitty bicycle and that she is 4 now so she is big and can ride it!She had Preschool that day which she was excited about, I signed up to be the mystery reader (a fun little activity her teacher does) and I brought her fave book, who might I add we got from my darling cousin AshLee, I also asked the teacher if I could make what else than some gingerbread people!! This was a huge hit with the kiddos... After preschool I asked her where she wanted to have her bday lunch and the little miss thing picked Zupas...she is so cute! She loves the soup and chocolate strawberries! Then she got to go home and practice riding her new bike, and later had vocal lessons so since I am the teacher I decided to make some sprinkle treats to take along! Oh and the kids in her vocal class sang a fabulous rendition of Happy Birthday!
Next we went to a pumpkin patch to end our day...That is all she has been asking to do for the last two weeks! She loved it and picked her own pumpkin!This is her "cute pumpkin"...that's what she kept calling itHappy Birthday Cupcake!!! WE LOVE YOU and our lives would be meaningless without you!