Monday, October 10, 2011


We always get so busy during the fall and this year is still no exception...! We had the opportunity to attend a dinner in Honor of all the Past Miss UVU's-UVSC's and also attend the Miss UVU pageant, it was a blast! They fed us amazingly and then had us walk the Red Carpet to our reserved seats before the show started and then brought us up on stage!! We for sure felt extremely special...So fun! The pageant was AMAZING! 20 contestants and it was held in the UCCU Events Center (old Mckay Events building) the stage and production were like a mini Miss America...Carly the new director did Amazing! Thanks for having all us old gals there!

Me and the hubby!Check SpellingDanica Miss Utah (she won as Miss UVU, where I judged her ;) ) and Me
Some of the "old" gals after the show...Me, Carly, Raych, and Val

All the formers that could make it! The oldest one was crowned in 1983!! Year I was born...crazy right! The newest being Danica who won Miss Utah!Cupcake with her first black eye...Her and her cousins got a little too rowdy! (kinda hard to see)My Mom found out about a princess day in her town and of course signed Miss Cupcake right up...and who else would we run into there none other than our lovely Danica!!

Me, Ash, and Jess

I was so excited to get to see my Bestie Ash last month at her Brother's wedding! She lives in Cali and I miss her dearly!

Erin (who is one of my best friends, and Jordan who is Daddy's best friend) met at our wedding and are married with one munchkin and just moved Alabama...we were happy to see them at her brother's wedding, haha yes another one, since they had been moved for about a month!

Last but not least this months annual Bunco group decided to have a Halloween theme...we all drew a character from a hat and that is who we had to dress up as! It was so fun and Jess did a great job hosting! There was a Smurf, Snooki, Zombie, Mobster, Flapper girl, Jazzersize instructor, Biker chic, 80's working girl, Greek Goddess, Minnie, Cowgirl, and a 50's housewife! What a blast! I have so much more to post but this is all for now...