Tuesday, June 17, 2008

New Faces!!!

So Cupcake has been making a couple new faces this past week, I am not quite sure how and where she learned to make them but, I think they are so cute! The second face she is making usually is accompanied by the sound ooooh! She is getting to be so big and I am loving watching her grow and learn! We love her so much!


The Wrights said...

I got our paper off shabby princes. I love Preslis faces.. she is getting so big!

The Ashcraft Family said...

Hi Tiffani~
Its Chrissy Ashcraft (your long lost neighbors:) Kevin got your blog address from Mike and I have to tell you that you little princess is GORGEOUS!!! What an absolute cutie. She is at such a fun stage.
I hope its alright, but I added you guys to our blog buddies so we can visit your site more often.
What a beautiful, beautiful family you have!! Talk to you soon...


Dani Lou said...

Oh my gosh she is such a doll!!!!! I love her so much.

MVP Family said...

Love her faces! We miss you guys and I hope Presli is feeling better!

The Ashcraft Family said...

I got my background from shabbyprincess.com. Its the "bounce" collection. I have recently gotten into digital scrapbooking and am totally addicted! My slide shows are from slide.com and I have just changed the size to fit on the sidebar. Kind of tricky at first, but its fun once you figure it out:)