Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Vote For Thayne Jasperson!!!

So I absolutely love the show, So You Think You Can Dance! And this year our very own Springville native is on, Thayne Jasperson!!! Yes, it is Ashlee Jasperson-Fullmer's Brother! He is an AMAZING dancer and is going to kick butt on the show, but we all have to vote!! Even if you don't watch, which you should, cause they have some outstanding dance numbers on the show, still vote for Thayne!!! We want him to bring home the title!


The Wrights said...

I am so excited for Thayne. I hope he really goes far.. we will be voting for him too! Miss seeing your cute face! Love ya

The Bentleys said...


Brian and Ashley Carlsen said...

Your friend's brother danced great the other night!!! I think he'll go far.