Friday, June 6, 2008

Teeth, Crawling, and Daddy!

So if you look really closely at this picture you can half way make out two bottom teeth!!! Yea, she finally has teeth! It seemed like it took forever but they are finally sprouting! We have quite a lot going on in the Miller home between teeth and crawling it is has been crazy!!! Ok so I know I did not post a picture of Cupcake crawling but, I want to post a video of that because it is hard to feel the excitement in a pic, and I have not quite figured out how to do that! Anyway about two weeks ago she started attempting to crawl and within a few days was up and movin!!! It's so weird that something so small and so helpless can discover and learn so quickly! She has also started trying to pull herself up to a standing position, key word being trying! She does not always succeed which usually results in a bumped nose, head, bum! Seeing how quickly she has been learning and figuring stuff out I have no doubt that she will be mastering the skill within a week or two! And before we know it she is going to be walking! I can't believe how fast they grow!!! We love her so much and are so excited for all the craziness that comes with crawling...................and I am sure not too far off WALKING! Cupcake has been really loving on her daddy a lot lately! She still usually wants her Mommy, which I am very grateful for, cause I know that once she gets over that she is going to be a daddy's girl for life! But for now Daddy is loving it!


curtandlace said...

Yep! You are right once they learn to crawl it goes by so fast! Your pictures are so cute. Lets get together and take the kiddies swimming. I got a pass to seven peaks, but I will go wherever. Miss ya Lots!