Sunday, August 3, 2008

Babies, Weddings, and More Babies!!!

This weekend was such a crazy one! We had Mike's sister Alycia's wedding Saturday, which was beautiful and Roman and Alycia have been waiting a very long time for this day to come! They were engaged for a year while Roman went to Law School in West Virgina! But yesterday they finally tied the Knot! The ceremony was at Log Haven and was very pretty but super hot!!! The reception was at Roman's Parents House, and was really fun and the food was divine! We are so happy for them and will miss them for the next year when they move back to West Virgina for Roman's last year of school!

Roman, Alycia, Me, Cupcake, and DaddyAll The Girls
Meagan, Jessie, Christina, Alycia, Lu, Makayla, Me, Cupcake, EmilyMy Sexy Hubby, and his Beautiful SisterMy Darling Baby Meagan and MeLu, Me, Cupcake, and DaddySo we were so surprised when both Maximus Daniel Miller and Conner Owen Lindsay were born on the same day just three hours apart! Dan, Mike's brother, and his wife Maddie had their beautiful baby boy twelve days early! He was born August 1st at 6:02pm. Maddie ended up missing her best friend's wedding and Alycia's wedding which I know she was sad about but she and Dan were so happy to finally have Max here happy and healthy. Also on Friday just a few hours early, three to be exact, Jason and Carina Lindsay, my uncle and aunt, delivered their second adorable baby boy, Conner Owen Lindsay! Carina delivered Conner all natural, yes that means NO DRUGS! She is such a trooper she did that with both of her boys and I cannot even imagine the pain!!! We are so excited that we have two new babies in the family and a new Brother-in-Law! What a fun, busy, and exciting weekend!

Baby Maximus Daniel

Proud Parents Maddie and DanUs holding brand new Baby Max The Miller Clan welcoming Conner into the World Proud Parents Jason and CarinaProud Cousins - Dani, Me, and Ambie


The Ashcraft Family said...

Such cute pictures! And, I need you to make me some of your gorgeous bows!! They look so cute on Presli and Im always looking for something to cover Khloe's bald head:)

Dani Lou said...

Oh my you look SO gorgeous at the wedding... holy freak... you're one hot mama!!!
And that picture at the bottom is way ugly of me... look at my new facebook picture... same one but different angle and it's wayyyyy better. :) Love you!
Yay for babies! And marriage!

Luke and Ali Stewart said...

Those pictures are beautiful! Presli looks so dang cute in that one of just her on the lawn- she is so darling. I am so glad that Dan and Maddie's baby is here and healthy. I would love to see them and you guys soon.

Lindsay said...

You are stinkin beautiful!

Zipper Jones said...

Hey Tiff, just wanted to let you know that we spell Connor's name with an"O", and not an "E". That must be some weird Utah spelling or something!:)

Cute blog babe... loveya!

Uncle J