Tuesday, April 1, 2008

AshLee's Special Day!

My amazing cousin AshLee Winterrsose, was named teacher of the year at her school in Heber! Now lets not all forget that she has not even finished her first year as a Kindergarten teacher! She is such an amazing teacher and cousin! We love her so much and can only hope that our kids are lucky enough to be taught by Mrs. Winterrose!


Jessica Wing said...

Tiff oh my goodness. This is jessica wing (cushing) and i just had to stop by and say hello! Your little presli is just a doll and i love her name! How are you nowadays? How is you family? Well congrats on your cute little family!

Alexander Family said...

I'm so glad you did a blog! I am no so good at face book Email me your email so I can sent you in invite to my blog I just went private. Annika.alexander@gmail.com