Monday, April 7, 2008

More Pics From Jessie's Graduation Party!

These are just a bunch of snapshots of the Millers at Jessie's Surprise Graduation Party! We love her so much and we also love all of the Millers so much!!!

Surprise Jessie!
All the Grandkids with Aunt Jessie
Makayla, Kaden M., Cupcake and Kaden W. And Below is Uncle Zach with Cupcake!
Grandpa Miller and Cupcake, Alycia and Daddy, and Kaden with Cupcake, his Fave Cousin!

Alycia and Meagan!!! Sisters! Also Zach and Em cuddiling up on the couch! And below that are Brett and Meagan, and the newlyweds Dan and Maddie, and cooking all the food are Darren and Christina
Mommy, Daddy, Chubby cheeks, and Daddy holding his princess!