Saturday, April 19, 2008

Kaia and Kells!

Kaia, Kaia, Kaia!!! We love Kaia! Cupcake and Kaia are cousins and love each other so much! They play together so well! We all went to the mall and played all day!! While we were at lunch they just sat on the bench and talked to each other, well Cupcake fake coughs, (she thinks that is how you talk to people) and drank "dinet coke" as kaia calls it! Cousins are so fun and I can't wait til the two of them are old enough to talk, run, play dress up, and have sleepovers with each other! I know they are just going to be the best of friends!

Yea, we love Kelly!!! So this is one of my Best Friends Kelly Bentley and she came down from AZ for a weekend and came to visit us! She had not seen Cupcake since she was born and was dying to see her! Especially cause she is really baby hungry right now! :) We went to Breakfast with her last Friday and had so much fun! We laughed and got caught up on what is going on in each other's lives but most importantly she got to see Cupcake!!! And Cupcake absolutely loved her! We love you Kells and hope you come back to visit soon!!!


The Bentleys said...

CUTE!!! I LOVE YOU!!! I wish i didnt live so far away so we could play more often... Rog and Mike would be the best of friends, i just know it! :) Your my favorite and I miss you three sooo bad!