Saturday, April 5, 2008


Six Months!!!! I can't believe that she is 6 months old! 4-4-08, yesterday is her actual 6 month birthday! Time has gone by so fast, and she has developed quite the cute, fun, and hilarious little personality! She never ceases to amaze us! We love her so much and never understood how you can love someone so much! She is starting to look more and more like her Daddy (at least I think so) and she is starting to act more and more like her Mommy! She loves so many things and so many people it is just incredible to see her discover the world! She loves anything that Mom has and in the picture on the left we were at Annies softball game and I was wearing my sunglasses and she wanted to wear them too! She is such a ham ball! The picture on the right is pretty self explanatory! She LOVES food and she loves her high chair! She has been doing well with baby food since she was about 4 and a half months and in the past couple weeks has started mimicking me when I say "mmm" and put the food in her mouth she says "mmm" as she eats it! It's so stinkin cute I just want to eat her up! We love her so much and thank Heavenly Father everyday, for the blessing that she is in our lives!


curtandlace said...

Tiff that picture with your glasses is so cute! She is so cute I love it!

The Bentleys said...

hahaha!! CUUUTE!! I LOVE HER!!