Tuesday, April 22, 2008


The far left pic is from the speaker and the top right pic is from the spider and the bottom (look at the left side of her lip and cheek)pic is displayingboth the bump and bite!

So my poor little baby had a rough weekend!!! Saturday Morning she was rolling around the floor in our family room as she usually does and I was sitting on the couch preparing a lesson for Sunday, when all of a sudden I hear a bang and a wailing cry! Yes, I know I should have know eventually she was going to be curious enough to pull something down on her but I didn't think it would be til she was full on crawling! But, sad to say she pulled a small speaker down on her forehead, hence the huge bruise on her head! She actually didn't cry for very long and after snuggling with Mom for about five minutes, she was back to normal. Oh but the sadness does not end there! Monday afternoon during her second nap, Daddy was upstairs and checked had the baby monitor with him and looked at the screen and she was sound asleep, and then about thirty seconds later he heard a blood curdling scream! I was downstairs watching a movie with my sister-in-laws kids who I was babysitting. So He brings her downstairs and she is still crying hysterically and so of course we are trying to figure out what is wrong! After about 3 minutes of checking all we could check, the right side of her lip had tripled in size! So after talking to my Mom (who is a nurse and of course came right over to check it out), my Step-Mom, a nurse that I called at my pediatricians office, and tearing apart her crib, we came to the conclusion that she had to have been bitten by a spider! So I know the picture is kinda hard to tell but the whole right side of her lip and cheek were swollen! POOR BABY! She had quite the rough weekend! I guess there is always a first for everything and these were kinda scary but, we will all live, thankfully!


Mauri said...

Tiff- She is so adorable even with bumps and bites. I love the bottom picture of her.