Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Daddy's Day!!!

Happy Fathers Day! Yesterday we went to Kneaders for the special Fathers Day french toast, Daddy loved it! We also got him a new C.D., a Pic of Cupcake, a special golf tee, and a gift card we hope you have a great day! We just want you to know how special he is to me and Cupcake! We love you and are so grateful for you in our lives! You are an amazing Daddy!

I also wanted to let my Dad Mike know how much we love him and are grateful for him in our lives!!! We met my real Dad right before we got married and they have taken us in and loved us as if we were never not apart of their lives! He has taken such good care of all of us and he absolutely adores Cupcake! We love you, Grandpa Walker!


The Bentleys said...

Cute i love that pic of Pres and Daddy!

The Condies said...

Tiff, found ya! Thanks for coming over tonight it was so fun to see you and Presli. See you soon!

Dani Lou said...

I looooove those pictures of Mike and Pres! So adorable!